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The Red Brick Terraced House

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The Red Brick Terraced House

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The Red Brick Terraced House

As the opening credits for “Coronation Street” roll, the camera pans past a very familiar series of buildings. Associated with the north of England most especially, red brick terraced houses were built to accommodate factory workers drawn to the cities by the Industrial Revolution, an early example of deliberately affordable housing. Their distinctive style arises from the need for economy: small size, red brick (cheap and quick to build with), sharing a chimney stack and scullery wall, small panes of glass in the sash windows, slate roofs pitched low to save on materials and a minimum of decoration. Typically the back door was used as the main door, the front entrance being reserved for special visitors; but not all houses had a back door, being surrounded by other houses on three sides. These homes were packed closely together, and usually shared a washhouse and lavatory, coal houses and worksheds. Many have retained details such as built-in boot-scrapers, which help to remind us of the lives of their first inhabitants.

Image: Topfoto.co.uk


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Think of how Coronation Street has been exported around the world. People in Kenya or New Zealand watch the everyday lives of a group of working class residents of a Greater Manchester terraced street. It symbolises strength of community and timelessness.

Jak Ripley (Levenshulme, Manchester)

From the industrial workers villages to elegant Gerogian townhouses, what could be more English?
Nathan Snyder

This is too narrow a category. It should cover all terraced houses. For instance, the Salatire World Heritage Site contains stone fronted terraced houses, as does much of the yorkshire area, it is the terrraced form that is important - not the colour of the briocks

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My nomination is the garden shed.