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Test Match Special

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Test Match Special

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Test Match Special

Test Match Special is the BBC radio programme for die-hard cricket fans.

Broadcasting a ball-by-ball commentary of the Test Matches began in 1957. Until then it had been felt that this level of detail would be too tedious for listeners but TMS’s lovable eccentricities quickly found a place in every cricket lover’s heart. It is not unusual for spectators at a match to be listening to the commentary on headphones! The tone is light and occasional outbreaks of giggling may interrupt discussion of play. The TMS team’s job is to keep talking, even through weather delays, which in an average rainy English summer can lead to classic moments of radio ad-libbing. So greatly loved are the TMS commentators that there is a tradition of sending them cake to eat – even the Queen has paid her respects in this way! The Calypso-esque theme music is taken from "Soul Limbo" by Booker T and the MG’s, and is the quintessential sound of an English summer.

Photo © Popperfoto / Alamy


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Johners, Aggers and CMJ... cake from the Womens Institute and as little about the cricket as possible. The voise of english summer broadcast around the world.

furious eddie



I think the National Gallery is part of the heritage of England