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The Thames Flood Barrier

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The Thames Flood Barrier

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The Thames Flood Barrier

As we know from the disaster in New Orleans, flooding can completely incapacitate a modern city. Can you imagine what would happen if London was flooded? After disastrous flooding at the mouth of the Thames in 1953 when more than 300 people died, the government realised that something had to be done to protect London from the ever-rising waters of the Thames. Especially dangerous was the possibility of surge tides (a huge “hump” of water driven up river from the North Sea). How could you create a barrier that would stop the flood-water but not the ships which had to sail to and from the London Docks? An ingenious, world-class feat of engineering provided the answer: the Thames Flood Barrier, completed in 1984. So far the Thames Flood Barrier has had to close more than 80 times – so just think what would have happened if it wasn’t there…

Image: Topfoto.co.uk


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It's a great structure and an important enviromental defence. It's also a modern symbol of London.

Christabel Anderson

The barrier is the modern River Thames, I have spent many happy hours sitting in the Thames Barrier Park watching everything from a Police Launch up to a Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier making their way up to London.
robert rogers



My nomination is the garden shed.