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From the quintessential luxury car to its historic wins at Le Mans, Bentley is a legend in England and throughout the world!

Nominator: George Photo: Ian Robins


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The History of the Vintage Bentley is one that has inspired thousands and place it at the above all those cars considered to be an English icon. The achievements of these great cars have set standards that few others have reached. That more than 50% of the original examples built at the first factory in Cricklewood, London survive a testimony to their worth. It is almost impossible for us born long after their introduction to understand the impact of a handsome, reliable motor car that could cruise at speeds of 70mph or more, and possessed a top speed of almost 100mph, only a few years after the First World War had come to an end. The development of the average family saloon took about 50 years to catch up in performance terms, and motoring enthusiasts to this day get excited about such features as overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, and twin spark ignition - all contained in the design of the very first Bentley engine - the 3 litre! Few contemporaries could match their combination of performance and reliability, hence their overwhelming success in the toughest endurance competition of that era, the Le Mans 24 Hour Race. This car was therefore the obvious choice for Steed of the Avengers who himself was the epitome of an Englishman.
Tom Fryars

What could be more English than the famous Bentley racing cars, or the marque in general? If Aston Martin can be considered an Icon then Bentley is even more of an English Icon.
John Prior

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer