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The Big One Roller Coaster, Blackpool

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The Big One Roller Coaster, Blackpool

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The Big One Roller Coaster, Blackpool

Scream, lose control and possibly your lunch too, on Blackpool’s world famous Big One Roller Coaster, sponsored by Pepsi Max. When it opened in 1994, the Big One was the tallest rollercoaster in the world, rising 235 feet above sea level. The ride lasts 150 thrill-packed seconds and it is worth keeping your eyes open – if you dare – because you get fantastic views over the sea and close-ups of other attractions on the Pleasure Beach as you hurtle under, over and around them. The structure, alongside the Tower, (to read more about Blackpool Tower, click here) dominates the Blackpool skyline and looks particularly impressive at night when the steel grid that supports the track is floodlit. You never go upside down on this ride and coaster veterans say the first, near-perpendicular descent is the best bit, but at the moment maximum G-force is operating, when you level out at the bottom of the big descent, you’ll weigh in at three times your normal body weight. The Big One is a force to be reckoned with…


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It's a symbol of modern England (although it was opened in the early 1990's) and is symbolic of the fun to be had at England's (and one of Europe's) premier seaside resort.

David Walley

if you have been on one you have been on them all whats new ? i will tell you nothing!!!! you get the same rush with every one its about time we got something new where we can say come on !!!!!! wow what a buzz
louise harling

Roller coasters (seaside and otherwise) are a dime a dozen all over the world. What is quintessentially English about this particular specimen?
John Butterfield

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer