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The Bond Bug

The Bond Bug

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The Bond Bug

Like the Raleigh Chopper, the Bond Bug was a classic seventies icon — a three-wheeler aimed firmly at the younger, fun-loving generation.

The two-seater, three-wheeled sports car, was designed by Tom Karen of Ogle Design and built by Reliant, creators of that other three-wheeled icon, the Reliant Robin, under the acquired company name of Bond Cars Ltd in 1970.
The wedge-shaped, fibre-glass Bug had no doors, just a lift-up canopy. It was only available in one colour — bright orange. And, unlike the slow Reliant, could do up to 75mph.

A short production run guaranteed their collectability: only 2,268 vehicles were built before the Bug was terminated in May 1974. Daniel Culley of Bristol has the largest collection in the UK — 335.

Photo: Stefan Jansson   www.flickr.com/photos/steffe


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Produced from 1970 to 1974, a trendy 3-wheeler for the younger person. The Bond Bug had a glass fibre body in a futuristic wedge shape painted bright orange with black interior.

Christopher Kilcourse

After 37 years of longing for a bug, I bought one last year. I can honestly say owning a bug is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
Stu Budd

My mate used to own a bond bug, i found it great fun but you had to be careful on corners, he only tipped it up once, but it never overturned, never had so much fun since, the bond bug really does deserve to be an icon
Ian Hunter

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