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The Bungalow

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The Bungalow

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The Bungalow

They may have a rather unexciting image in England, but recent research has found that bungalows are the happiest homes in the country. A survey of 2000 householders in 2005 revealed that bungalows "breed more contentment" than any other type of housing.

The basic concept – a single-storey house - isn’t English at all, but originates from India. The word itself comes from bangla, the Hindi word for "house".

The first English bungalow was built in Norwood in south London in the 1860s, when a certain Colonel Bragg had a single-storey home built for himself after returning from service in India. The bungalow is also popular in other countries, including the United States, and yet for many, it remains an abiding image of the classic English dwelling.

Photo: Ben Rubinstein


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The bungalow represents so much that is great about England. Whispers of the British Empire, haunting memories of an idyllic suburban ideal and dreams of gracious retirement gild this simple architectural lily. Whilst many regard it as a cultural joke, they cannot deny its reassuring English presence.

Sheridan Hudson



I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer