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The Church of England

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The Church of England

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The Church of England

The Church of England as we know it today, just like the England we know today, developed very slowly over centuries, absorbing many different influences and fusing them into a new identity. There were moments of crisis and conscious change, such as the Synod of Whitby (have a look at the Lindisfarne Gospels icon to discover more), and Henry VIII’s decision to defy the Pope (see the King James Bible icon to find out more), but there has also been an ongoing process of adaptation and tolerance of other denominations and other faiths.

The Church of England is the established (official) church of the country, and as such has had a huge impact on the spiritual, cultural and political life of the nation. Its two current Archbishops are Dr Rowan Williams (of Canterbury) and John Sentamu (of York), who are leading the Church in a vigorous and open manner as it, along with England, seeks to define itself in the new millennium.

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So much that we deem as 'Englishness' can be found in the Church, our language, our rationality, our genteelness, and the incomparable quality of worship at its finest and quintessentially English.

David Kenrick

This icon represents the true Britain.
Sharron Rosa Giles

The Anglican Church is the religious institution of England and is symbolic of King Henry VIII's defiance to the Pope's rule over Christianity.
Jeffrey Austin

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I nominate the English weather.