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Chesterfield's crooked spire

Comment on Chesterfield's crooked spire

You can see Chesterfield's crooked spire from miles around as it stands on the highest part of the town - a place where the original Roman fort was established. It's quite an amazing thing to behold - for those who haven't seen it , it really does twist in an incredible way and even from miles away you can tell there's something wonky going on - a bit like the town really. The name spire crops up all the time in Chesterfield and it has become the symbol of the town - there are countless businesses with the name spire in them - everything from Spire Plumbing to Spire Electrics and not forgettting the most entertaining football team in the land - Chesterfield FC - come on you Spireites!!!

Comment on Chesterfield's crooked spire posted 2007-07-16 by Richard Moss from Brighton

Comment on Chesterfield's crooked spire

It is the most famous crooked spire in the world and can be seen for miles on the approach to Chesterfield from the M1

Comment on Chesterfield's crooked spire posted 2006-07-05 by Harry Buxton from Swadlincote,Derbyshire

Comment on Chesterfield's crooked spire

The Crooked Spire reminds me that Chesterfield is something a little bit quirky and that was one of the main reaons why we chose to live there over neighbouring towns . Quirkiness and eccentricity is what marks out the best in the English character. Chesterfield is thriving market town with people who have a lot of civic pride. It is also very near to the geographic centre of England - so what could be more English than that? The Crooked Spire - which can be seen from most of the main approches to the town - is a distinctive icon which fully deserves a place on the list.

Comment on Chesterfield's crooked spire posted 2006-04-28 by Barry Miller from Chesterfield, Derbyshire