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the millennium dome

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the millennium dome

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the millennium dome

It’s the largest single-roofed structure in the world, one of London’s most famous landmarks and it was the UK’s most popular admission-paying visitor attraction in 2000, but the Millennium Dome is no stranger to controversy.

Built on the Greenwich Peninsula in east London, the Dome was created to celebrate the arrival of the Millennium and was open throughout 2000. More than six million people visited it, but the figure was way short of the 12 million forecast, and there were difficulties disposing of the building once the Millennium celebrations were over.

Meridian Delta Ltd was finally chosen to shape the Dome’s future. The company is developing it as a sports and entertainment venue, and will create housing, offices and shops on 150 acres of surrounding land. Work on the Dome, which will be renamed the O2 Dome after a sponsorship deal with the mobile phone firm, should be completed in 2007. The venue will host the World Gymnastics Championships in 2009, and gymnastic and basketball events during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Photo: George Lewin


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A great engineering achievement

Chris Thorne

The first example of "New Labour's" Policy of squandering of Public Monies. Fourtunate I am, in not residing in London, who's inhabitants will be picking up the tab for the Olimpic's overspend.
Colin B. M. Scott

Firstly, it is recognisable in its own right. It has strong brand recognition, and is probably the only manmade structure in the opening sequence of Eastenders which nearly all viewers can name. Secondly, it is symbolic of the endearing English trait of ineptness which is a consequence of what Kate Fox calls "the Importance of Not Being Earnest rule".
Peter Taylor

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I nominate the English weather.