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The Fireplace

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The Fireplace

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The Fireplace

Although far fewer of us have real fires at home than was the case 50 years ago, we still feel the need for something that reminds us they were once there. That’s why the fireplace is still seen as such an essential part of modern interior design. They may now house displays of dried flowers or fibre-optic lamps where flames once danced, but such is the fondness for fireplaces that, in many Victorian houses where they were ripped out in the interests of modernisation, they are now being lovingly reinstalled. In medieval times, a fireplace might be big enough for people to sit on little benches underneath the flue, as there was precious little warmth elsewhere in the room. Since the 1950s, the focal point of our living-rooms has been the TV, but in times gone by, we used to pass the hours gazing contemplatively into the fire. Thank God for telly.

Photo: Maria Gibbs


Your comments

If you have no chimney then you have the portable so called 'surroundings' . A fireplace you can put up anywhere. Where else should you display your Christmas cards?

Finn Wodschow

I love this idea - telly taking over heat. It's such the way. I know I'd rather finish watching Corrie and get cold than stand up to turn the heater on! One good place for fireplaces is <a href="http://www.fireplacemgastore.co.uk">Fireplace Megastore</a> It has loads, I am just about to get one from them. My room focuses on the TV, however the room still feels empty without a fireplace, indeed people walk in and ask whats missing!
Den Jones

The english people are so devoted to the firplace, that even on board English ships I have seen fireplaces in the ships lounges. If you have no chimneys, you can get a "surrounding" an artificial fireplace to put up everywhere. I bought one myself and put it my flat in Denmark to the great amazement of my Danish friends
F. Wodschow

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My nomination is the garden shed.