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The Hoover Building

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The Hoover Building

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The Hoover Building

Located on the A40 heading out of London, this Art Deco style landmark was the office and factory of the Hoover company until the late 1980s. The magnificent structure was built between 1931 and 1935 by architecture firm Wallis Gilbert and Partners using “snowcreate”, a white building material that stays looking new even after the harshest of English winters.

The building was also decorated with faience (glazed ceramic inspired by ancient Egypt) and, as if that weren’t enough, at night it is bathed in emerald-green light, making the building highly visible to airline passengers arriving at nearby Heathrow airport. The Hoover Building was bought by Tesco’s supermarket in 1989 for conversion to a superstore.


Your comments

It is a beautiful building - an architectural masterpiece and quite unique so close to the A40. Lovely when the green lights are on at night - I always take a detour when travelling to London to see it. Takes my breath away

Geraldine Poole

my late aunt, olive brown, baker's daughter from hitchen, hertfordshire, joined the company as pa/secretary to the two founders when the company started in some ex ww1 wooden military huts in the '20's. she retired in the mid '60's as staff liason manager. her bosses looked after there staff well. she remembered the building being built and the bombs exploding in the grounds during ww11. can the hoover vacuum cleaner be a uk icon?
edward walpole-brown 111



I nominate the English weather.