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The Professionals

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The Professionals

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The Professionals

This hit LWT series, which ran from 1977 to 1983, had it all: car chases, wisecracks, a good cop/bad cop relationship — and a Kevin Keegan perm.

Lewis Collins and Martin Lewis starred as CI5 (Criminal Intelligence 5) agents, ex-SAS man William Bodie and permed cop Ray Doyle who, under the beady eye of their boss George Cowley (Gordon Jackson, fresh from his success as butler Hudson in Upstairs, Downstairs), were given counter-terrorism and other tough assignments to handle.

Nowadays, Martin Shaw sports a different hairstyle — as bewigged Judge John Deed in the series of the same name. Lewis Collins’ career never again equalled his success as Bodie. Ironically, he actually passed an SAS entrance selection course but wasn’t admitted because of his celebrity status. Neither actor is likely to feature in the mooted revived series, announced early in 2006.


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British-written, extremely popular TV series starring Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw. Also the theme music was composed by a English writer.

Ray Doyle

I was only 10 when 'The Professionals' came to our screens but I remember acting out the program in our back garden as kids and the fun we had. Watching it now, not only makes me feel nostalgic, but reminds me of how TV could simply be good, old fashioned viewing - 'politically incorrect' or not. Note the superb performances by Gordan Jackson.

This show had a huge appeal for its incredible action, amazing stunts (often performed by the actors themselves in feats that'd give modern producers coronaries), fast-paced and clever script. It didn't dumb down the concepts for their viewers, and their unconstrained humour is so much more enjoyable to watch than the watered-down politically correct rubbish we're expected to swallow now. The men were utterly British, but savvy in world politicking and how it affected their trade. The actors themselves were multi-talented action men in real life, with a depth of character and skill-range unparalleled by their modern counterparts. The show is an absolute icon. It is a must see, over and over again, for its actors' abilities, the storylines, the stunts, the DRIVING and its historical interest. I LOVE THE PROFESSIONALS!

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye