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The Pub Quiz

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The Pub Quiz

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The Pub Quiz

Hundreds of thousands of us partake in this activity every week, indeed for many it has become the main reason we continue visiting the pub - an English icon in itself. We have exported the pub quiz abroad where it is even encountered in bars - i.e. not just faux English (or even Irish) pubs.

Nominator: Chris Jones Photo: Cameron Bowles


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I've run the Leicester Quiz League for over 25 years, presented many quizzes (non-League) in Pubs, Clubs and Leisure Centres (even outdoors in a park )- The Quiz is one of the biggest draws for an event, it allows everyone to shine even if it's only ONE question they know the answer to all night!. It's compelling even if your not taking part - you have to try to answer the questiom.
John Frith

I am playing the pub quiz every other week... And I am living in the Netherlands... I love it.
Angelique Aupperlee

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry