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The Rocky Horror Show

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The Rocky Horror Show

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The Rocky Horror Show

Where are cross-dressing audience members clutching rubber gloves, torches, newspapers, toast and confetti encouraged? At The Rocky Horror Show, of course! The undisputed champion of audience devotion and participation, the show written by Richard O’Brien is a rock musical spoof of old horror movies. It began as a huge hit in London in 1973, capturing the zeitgeist – a time when many in the gay community were just coming out, and Glam Rock was big news. Soon after, its screen incarnation – The Rocky Horror Picture Show – became a cult phenomenon too.

The story opens on a dark and stormy night. Super-square Brad Majors and his innocent fiancée Janet Weiss find themselves in a mysterious castle, where they fall into the clutches of the mad scientist Frank N Furter, a kind of transvestite Dr Frankenstein.

The Rocky Horror Show is still going strong and is as popular as ever. The original cast recently returned to the Royal Court (where it was first staged), after it had been voted the most enjoyed performance at the theatre during the last 50 years.

Photo: Courtesy Rocky Horror Show


Your comments

This has made so many people feel accepted as part of a group. It brings alive the days of rock n roll, and science fiction movies. It is the most glamorous show on the UK stage!

Louise Allen

Richard O'Brien's musical masterpiece The Rocky Horror Show has been a huge part of my life for over twenty one years, and it still gives me a very special feeling every time I see it. I saw it live on stage many times during my adolescence and formative years, as it was touring the UK, and I still see it whenever I can (often using up much of my "spare" time travelling up and down the country to catch the show in dozens of British theatres). Rocky Horror has a huge following all around the world, where it continues to bring absolute pleasure to millions of people, but its fans in the UK particularly are extremely proud that the show began its extraordinary life right here in our green and pleasant land back in 1973. For this reason (and others), I genuinely feel that The Rocky Horror Show is a truly special and unique English icon.
Rob Bagnall



I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye