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The Saint (Simon Templar)

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The Saint (Simon Templar)

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The Saint (Simon Templar)

When you think of the Saint, you probably think of the gorgeous and suave Roger Moore giving his eyebrow-raising best in the 1960s TV series, dispensing his trademark stick-man-with-halo calling cards at the scenes of his crimes. But did you know that the first of the Saint books was published as long ago as 1928? This was called Meet – The Tiger! and introduced the world to Simon Templar (initials ST, hence the nickname), the immaculately turned-out, boyishly charming, morally ambiguous character who preyed only on the “ungodly”, a self-professed modern-day Robin Hood.  (To read more about Robin Hood, click here.)

The Saint rapidly became an industry, the character appearing in novels, novellas and short stories penned by Leslie Charteris and other writers, as well as in films, on stage, radio and television, and in his own comic books. Despite his transfer across so many media and across decades, the Saint managed to remain in his early thirties, tanned and mischievous throughout an illustrious international career, surviving his creator and even a disastrous big-screen incarnation in 1997.

Photo: Theodore Koh Oon Hao


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Simon Templar - The Saint, as written by Leslie Charteris and especially as portrayed by Roger Moore, was the quintessential English gentleman rogue. In all his adventures, the Saint always triumphed by never losing that indomitable British spirit.

Jay Brooks

The Saint is one of the major achievements of twentieth century British popular fiction. Where most 'clubland heroes' stayed stuck in their era, Simon Templar transcended his, and remains the only one that can sustain regular re-invention.
Stephen Gallagher

Simon Templar has been deluded over the past number of years The Pre WWII Templar was ruthless and cold blooded. I believe the new Saint series starring James Purefoy will have a much rougher edge. So much for breeding.
Templar Saint

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My nomination is the garden shed.