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The Savoy Hotel

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The Savoy Hotel

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The Savoy Hotel

The Savoy Hotel must surely be unique in that its inception was inspired by the success of a theatre. In 1881, Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience had opened to yet another ecstatic reception, and Richard D’Oyly Carte built a new theatre, the Savoy, to present it for a longer run. The audiences at his new theatre were so huge that Carte decided to build a hotel next door, to accommodate them after the shows. The Savoy Hotel had all the most modern amenities for 1889 (full electric lighting, lifts and 67 bathtubs) and remains the height of luxury and style today.

Over the years, the Savoy maintained its theatrical and musical associations: maitre chef Auguste Escoffier created dishes for Sarah Bernhardt and Dame Nellie Melba. The Savoy Grill was the place to be for the theatre glitterati from 1914 onwards, George Gershwin performed Rhapsody in Blue in the Ballroom, and the famous Savoy dance bands were broadcast worldwide by the BBC. The Savoy is also unique in that its access street, Savoy Court, is the only place in England where it is compulsory to drive on the right.

Photo: Courtesy Savoy A Fairmont Hotel


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The Savoy Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the world and has a legendary history. It has hosted many glittering events and been home to filmstars and other celebrities over the years. London would not be the same without the Savoy Hotel.

Alex Naughton



I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer