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bbc world service

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bbc world service

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bbc world service

There’s a lot more to the BBC World Service than what happens after they’ve played the national anthem on Radio 4 of an evening. The service broadcasts in 33 languages, providing news, impartial analysis and information to the world. English transmissions take place 24 hours a day with news coming in from reporters across the globe. Although it is funded by the British government (as opposed to the licence fee), editorial content is controlled by the BBC.

The unique, independent, international perspective of the station is its greatest asset. From its beginnings as the BBC Empire Service, transmitting on shortwave in 1932, the World Service (so named since 1988) has become an international multimedia network respected and relied on across the planet. The World Service takes its role as an international broadcaster very seriously. It is not just about piping English radio programmes to other cultures, which is why listeners across the world must sadly go without other English icons such as The Archers.


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the world service is surely one of the most widely recognised symbols of this country all over the world.


It has been the 'World Service' for many decades as far as I can remember. I worked at the Daventry transmitter in 1974.
Brian C

Though we have lost the Empire, its spirit lives on through the BBC World Service. It stands as a bastion of freedom and truth - it is especially a beacon to those who live under tyranny.
John Rivers-Vaughan

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer