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The Yorkshire Dales

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The Yorkshire Dales

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The Yorkshire Dales

For just over 50 years, the stunning Yorkshire Dales in the north-east of England have been protected as an official National Park. Covering over 700 square miles, the park includes over 1200 miles of public footpaths and bridleways, making for a perfect rambling destination. Hills and valleys, crags and waterfalls, heather and woodland, make it impossible to resist. And it’s not just an area of unspoilt natural beauty; for thousands of years it has also been a place where people have lived (some 20,000 of them today) and left their mark. Among other things, they’ve bequeathed to us 18 Grade I listed buildings and over 5000 miles of dry stone walls (another ICONS nomination). TV series Emmerdale is set there, and it’s also given us Wensleydale cheese, the Swaledale festival and James Herriot’s vet books. Icons all.

Photo: Simon Warner copyright YDNPA


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The Dales are Yorkshire,and Yorkshire is our largest county.

Stephen Casey

With Ilkley as its anchorman, the rest of the Wharfe valley team are the pretty villages upstream that harbour so many human characters who are friendly young people, and their young children, the company of which are to be treasured and held up as National icons, away from the negative and cynical behaviour seen in towns and cities further south in the UK. These are the future of our natioin in some of the most beautiful scenery that allows rosy cheeks whilst enjoying a snackette and a cup of tea in another national icon - afternoon tea. The hat-trick explained 1. The Wharfe valley, 2. rosy cheeks of positive and happy residents, having 3. aftenoon tea is reality in The Yorkshire Dales and not a dream.
Martin Pettitt

The Yorkshire Dales live up to everything you've ever heard about them. Rolling hills, beautiful vistas, friendly people, quaint towns, sheep, sheep, sheep. Love the Dales!
Sue Fahey

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer