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Three-Pin Plug

Comment on Three-Pin Plug

It is not generally know that the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) produced the world's first regulations about electrical wiring and they are still the world's best after over 100 years and many revisions. The standards of electrical wiring and equipment in Britain is the finest in the world and the clever three-pin plug is just one eaxmple. Did you know, by the way, that if you pull on the flex hard enough for it to come loose from the connections, the plug is designed so that the live wire comes off first? Clever indeed.

Comment on Three-Pin Plug posted 2006-10-06 by Richard English from Partridge Green, West Sussex

Comment on Three-Pin Plug

let's say that where the english have been since electricity became a major part of a nation's infrastructure, there is a three pin plug. similarly where the americans have been, there is a coke machine.

Comment on Three-Pin Plug posted 2006-05-08 by edward walpole-brown 111 from honiley, warwickshire

Comment on Three-Pin Plug

While the Three-Pin Plug is an Icon of Britain, it is not an English Icon.

Comment on Three-Pin Plug posted 2006-01-21 by Julian from Nottingham

Comment on Three-Pin Plug

The three pin plug not just British - it is international. Many countires eg Malaysia have the British three pin plug. Others, such as Australia also have their own version of the three pin plug which works on exactly the same principal as the British plug. Is this therefore an international electrical icon rather than a British icon?

Comment on Three-Pin Plug posted 2006-01-18 by Sue Sheppard from Southern England

Comment on Three-Pin Plug

See below - what is unique about our plugs is the rectangular section pins AND the integral fuse - plenty of other countries use 3pin plugs, even with extended earth pin but they tend to be all round pins

Comment on Three-Pin Plug posted 2006-01-14 by Steve Bousfield from Chelmsford, Essex