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Tinsley Cooling Towers, Sheffield

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Tinsley Cooling Towers, Sheffield

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Tinsley Cooling Towers, Sheffield

It is a landmark. Everyone who drives up/down the M1 sees them. These are part of the industrial history of Sheffield and EVERYBODY in the city knows them.

Chris Beckingham


Your comments

I'm only a teenager but I think I respect things a lot more now as I really dont want the Tinsley Cooling Towers to be torn down because when I see then they make me think of home. They are a great landmark and shoud not be taken off the map. Everytime I go to Meadowhall I look at them and talk about them to my mum. I really love them, it won't be the same without them and to hear the news that they are set to be removed makes me want to cry. I will cry for the towers once they're gone because they're part of my home.
Melissa Dowson

A beautiful icon, made redundant like a lot of Sheffield was in the late 1970s and 1980s. However, the Tinsley Cooling Towers remain, standing tall as a landmark not pulled down by EoN. We do not have many visible signs of Sheffield's proud industrial past, I think this may be one of the last. Arriving home and seeing the towers, I know I am home. God Bless Sheffield and the Cooling Towers, and save out last remaining landmark from destruction!
Helen Murray

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer