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Top Gear

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Top Gear

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Top Gear

As Jeremy Clarkson has said in one of his books "It's not blood running through the veins of the British people, it's four star". Top Gear showcases, shares and highlights the British obsession with cars - not just normal street cars but a passion for speed and brilliance in engineering. It's also recognised world wide as the greatest motoring show ever made.

Ryan Morrison Photo: Tom Allender


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Top Gear is the longest running motoring programme on British Television. This alone is paramount to it becoming a British icon, without the fact that Clarkson, Hammond and May make it the most hilarious and informative programme I have seen in a long time. British Television is short of such programmes and I hope Top Gear continues on its merry way informing the buying public in such a way that only the TG3 can do.
Tracey Postill

I live in the USA and I was suprised to meet people that know about Jeremy Clarkson and enjoy Top gear - this is a fabulous export, humour and a very English way of approaching TV programming to both help and entertain audiences.
Wendy House

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry