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Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge

“The most monstrous and preposterous architectural sham that we have ever known.” What was it that so outraged The Builder magazine way back in 1894? Tower Bridge, of course. Nowadays few people would dispute that its Victorian Gothic splendour makes it one of the most recognisable English landmarks the world over. But although you may think it’s a pretty traditional choice of icon, if you look into the story of Tower Bridge you’re certain to find things that surprise you. You’ll discover why the upper walkway was closed in 1910 (clue: it has something to do with prostitutes); when a double-decker bus tried a bit of stunt driving as the bridge was rising; how many more times the new computer system gets the bridge stuck than steam power ever did, and how much it costs to get married inside.

Image: Topfoto.co.uk


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One of the images recognisable all over then world (but perhaps not as often seen nowadays in the UK as it was when Thames TV was in its heyday!)

Paul Ryan

The most amusing thing about Tower Bridge is that most people abroad (and possibly in the UK) seem to believe that it's London Bridge...or at least should be. Perhaps there should be a campaign to change its name.
Gina Perry

As far as I know the man in charge of a bridge such as this is called the captain. Living in London I'm surrounded by the parts of the city which transmit ultimate englishness throughout the world through tourism. You cannot escape the image of Tower Bridge as encapsulating that part of our heritage.
Bill Smart

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer