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Tees Transporter Bridge

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Tees Transporter Bridge

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Tees Transporter Bridge

Working transporter bridges are a rare thing in England. Only two were ever built – in Middlesborough over the river Tees, and in Warrington over the river Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal. The Warrington bridge ceased operation in 1964, but the Tees Transporter Bridge is still very much alive. Built in 1911, it famously appeared in the Oscar-nominated film Billy Elliot and is a potent symbol of the Middlesbrough area. Transporter bridges are sometimes called ferry bridges or aerial transfer bridges. Passengers and cars don’t actually cross the bridge itself – they’re transported in a car or gondola suspended beneath it. With a span of 851 feet, the Tees bridge is the longest transporter bridge in the world. Passengers are carried almost around 160 feet above the river Tees. The gondola can accommodate 200 people and several cars.


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I would like to nominate the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, a grade II listed building, which was built in 1911 and is the longest operating bridge of it's type in the world. The bridge was also made famous by the BBC's Auf Weidesien Pet and has appeared on many other television programmes such as Steel River Blues, this is certainly an icon of the Teesside area, if not the North East of England.

scott pearson

Middlesbrough's iconic Transporter Bridge has featured in the TV series The Fast Show, Auf Wiedershen Pet, Steel River Blues and the feature film Billy Elliot. More recently the bridge was beamed into the homes of 6.5 million American TV viewers when Ann Curry, celebrity anchorwoman of NBC's Today programme in New York bungee jumped off the world's largest working bridge of its type. The award winning journalist who has reported from Baghdad, Dharfur, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Albania flew to Middlesbrough, to jump off the bridge, to raise $10,000 for charity, egged on and sponsored live on air by Tom Hanks. Curry wanted to bungee jump from a bridge and as there are no bungee operations on the east coast of America she contacted the UK Bungee Club who arranged for her to do the jump from the 225 ft high Teesside bridge on Monday, December 17. The bridge also recently came top of a local poll to find the town's favourite place. Surely international recognition of this kind makes The Transporter Bridge a true icon of England.
Glen Smith

Transporter bridges are wonderful! There is another transporter bridge in Newport (Gwent) which is Grade 1 listed and still working, but interestingly of a slightly different design. There is another in Bilbao (or was in the 1970s). The shape is so distinctive that it is certainly worthy of 'icon' status. However, if 'bridges are your thing' the other bridge in Middlesborough is the Newport Bridge which is different in construction, no longer 'lifts' but is facinating anyway!

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye