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Tube Sign at Piccadilly

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Tube Sign at Piccadilly

Is this an icon?


Tube Sign at Piccadilly

If it’s been made into a fridge magnet then it’s got to be an icon, don’t you think? The bar and circle roundel symbol that tells you which Tube station you are in is one of the most recognizable pieces of branding in the world. Both a company logo and a bit of informational signage, the roundel was the work of typographer Edward Johnston in 1918. His design was based on an earlier logo, a solid red circle with the name in white across a blue bar. He replaced the solid circle with a hollow frame and used his special Johnston Sans typeface, designed by him to be easily read by busy throngs of commuters in crowded stations. The design has remained unchanged ever since.

Piccadilly Circus is, of course, an icon in its own right. The busy intersection presided over by Eros on his fountain also boasts the impressive illuminated advertisements, the stunning Criterion Theatre, several department stores and a restaurant, as well as being the meeting point of some of London’s best known streets.

Image: Topfoto.co.uk


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I nominate the tube sign at Piccadilly

Richard E. Grant

Thousands of tourists visit there every year if only to see Eros and the lighted hourdings at night
Yvonne Thompson

From the days of Lord Shaftesbury to the present that area of London has always attracted visitors, and inevitably the snap of the "group on the steps" is taken away to all corners of the globe.
George Curness

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry