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Tweed Jacket

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Tweed Jacket

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Tweed Jacket

Before everybody points out that tweed should really be an icon of Scotland, being named as it is after the river Tweed in the border country, we know. But there is a certain Englishness to the ways in which tweed has often been worn. The unworldly schoolteacher in his leather-elbowed jacket, the flat cap of Norman Wisdom, the voluminous tweed cape of Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple: all indicate a peculiarly English adoption of the fabric, a style for which the word ‘tweedy’ has come into common usage.

Tweed has enjoyed something of a fashion renaissance in recent times. The ice-blue and pale pink tweed bustier worn by Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue in the 1990s didn’t immediately shout ‘Miss Marple!’ Lately, there has been a return to fifties-style slouchy tweed trousers, worn with chunky knitwear and brogues. Still quite a way from the Hebridean islands, of course, but quite a way from Mr Bean too, mercifully.

Photo: Jai'me

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Moisture-resistant and very durable, perfect for the grey English weather. As seen on Mr Bean, who is a symbol of comedic England to the world.


The term tweed is actually a misnomer. The original term used was "tweel" which was then misinterpreted and associated with the Tweed river in further error. Another Scottish item appropriated by the English is the brouge. The holes punched in the shoe was done to allow the moisture from the moors to literally seep in and out and make for speedy drying. This makes tweed and brouges almost inseperable as icons.
Marcus Green

British Tweed is the best long wearing material in the world, Anyone wearing British Tweeds is trying to look like, or is, or just apreciates The British Way Of Life.
Jodi Routh

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye