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Vicky Pollard

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Vicky Pollard

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Vicky Pollard

She made her dazzling entrance in the first series of the BBC comedy sketch show 'Little Britain' in a court scene and is famous not just for her ‘no but yeah but yeah but yeah no...’ catchphrase, but also for swapping her baby for a Westlife CD. Such is her fame – a record 9.5 million viewers tuned into the first episode of the third 'Little Britain' series in November 2005 – that it seems we're becoming obsessed with her. These days you can buy Vicky Pollard dolls, aprons, oven gloves, fridge magnets, slippers and a whole lot more.

Played by Matt Lucas, her catchphrase is said to have been inspired by a teenage boy in a Bristol shopping centre, and her look by a Time Out front cover of two teenage schoolgirls on a trip to Brighton.

Here’s a quote for fans: “No but yeah but yeah but yeah no but yeah no but yeah... but no because I’m not even going on the pill... because Nadine reckons they stop you from getting pregnant”.


Your comments

Vicky captures something about English culture in the new millenium and is an example to us all!

Jeremy Gardner

The recent resurgance of snobbery is really not something we should be welcoming - it Britishness involves tolerance, then surely this "nu-snobbery" is anti-British? How can somethin anti-British be an icon?
Dan Carins

A fun character - but as an icon of England? - very short lived.
Geoff Shearn

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye