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Victoria Memorial

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Victoria Memorial

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Victoria Memorial

Sir Thomas Brock’s memorial to Queen Victoria, the longest-reigning monarch in British history (for the time being), is a focal point of the most recognised location in the capital. Surrounded by Sir Aston Webb’s fountains with symbolic figures representing various branches of the arts, Victoria stares impassively down the Mall, with the Palace at her back, attended by winged figures of Truth, Justice and Motherhood.

This most imposing of all London memorials, all marble, granite and gilded bronze, was unveiled in 1911, early in the reign of George V. Brock incorporated a maritime theme to the memorial, to mark the era in which Britain reigned over the high seas. There are sea nymphs above the moat, and a shape like a scallop shell behind the Queen’s head. The whole edifice is 82 feet high.

Probably the best time to see the Memorial is after dark, when the bronze figures stand out in sharp contrast to the dazzling white magnificence of the Queen herself.

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It is a distinctive landmark in London looking out down the Mall, and represents an era of English history, monarchy, architecture, literature, fashion, nationhood, selfless duty and bravery through the Victoria Cross. A beautifully symbolic structure created by Thomas Brock, it features, like Piccadilly, in many photos of national events since 1911.

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