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Wedgwood china

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Wedgwood china

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Wedgwood china

The fine, exquisitely moulded white figures against a pale blue background of Wedgwood Jasper ware immediately make you think of the finest of English craftsmanship. Rather perverse, in some ways, as Wedgwood’s aim with Jasper and another range, Black Basalt, was the imitation and celebration of the art of classical antiquity and not anything English, at all. The most famous piece of Jasper ware, which Josiah Wedgwood himself considered his crowning glory, is a ravishing copy of the Portland Vase, a Roman glass vase which sits in the British Museum alongside Wedgwood’s 18th-century version.

Art and technology were combined in Wedgwood’s work: he was at the cutting edge of the pottery industry from 1759, inventing and refining many different techniques and was elected to the Royal Society in 1783 for his contributions. His name is still synonymous with the finest china and tableware, a reputation he initially gained with an early piece of celebrity endorsement. His durable but attractive flint-and-white-clay mixture was so popular with Queen Charlotte when it came out in 1765 that she allowed it to be known as “Queen’s Ware”, and spread Wedgwood’s name across the dining-rooms of Europe.

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Josiah Wedgwood built his pottery in Etruria in 1769 and became known as the 'father of English potters'. The soft blue 'Jasper' pieces with delicate white decorations are unique.

Jacquelyn Taylor Baumberg

i have a shallow dish which I bought at an upmarket car boot sale in Jersey. It has a crude 'wedgewood' stamp on the back and looks very old. the design is navy, almost black in a design with a pattern resembling olives. I can't find out anything about it; any ideas out there?
Chris Harris

I have an immaculate, never been used, Wedgewood Coffee set - Susie Cooper design: Glen Mist. It was given to me ias a present in 1973, and I am curious as to today's approximate value/ Can you help? Thanks
M Hosking

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer