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West End Theatreland

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West End Theatreland

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West End Theatreland

West End Theatre is one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions, with more shows and bigger audiences than anywhere else in the world – yes, more than even the bright lights of Broadway can provide. In one year, almost three times as many tickets are sold for plays and musicals in London’s West End than for all 13 Greater London League football teams put together! But the “West End” is about more than box-office busting sales: there’s the beauty of the theatres themselves to admire as well as the quality and range of theatre available, glamorous stars onstage and off (the West End is increasingly popular with Hollywood actors looking for something a bit more serious than the latest blockbuster), and numerous tales of ghosts and behind-the-scenes drama. Next time you are in London, why not try a backstage tour to learn more about the star-spangled history of these magical buildings, or take a chance on a show you haven’t heard of by getting tickets at the Half Price Booth in Leicester Square?

Image: Topfoto.co.uk


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The bright lights, the glamour, the wit, the divas, the drama, the smell of greasepaint - there is nothing like the West End of London's Theatreland! Like Broadway in New York it produces the best dramas and the most wonderful musicals. It is England at its best.


I love the theatre, and was one of the things that had to be ticked off from my should do/see list. These days I indulge in it whenever I can afford it.
Kalpana Thakker



I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye