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Willow Man of Somerset

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Willow Man of Somerset

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Willow Man of Somerset

Caesar claimed the Ancient Druids made immense figures of wickerwork filled with victims and burnt as a sacrifice. This was perhaps an exaggerated story, shown in the classic film, the Burning of Wicker Man. Today willow has become a recognised material for sculptors. The Willow Man measures 12 metres (40 ft) high and is possibly the largest willow sculpture in the world. This iconic structure and Somerset landmark can be seen from the M5 at Bridgwater, and is enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of passers-by. Willow Man was created by artist Serena de la Hey, who took four weeks to weave locally grown willow from the Somerset Levels around a metal structure to create the figure. The Willow Man has become for the south what the celebrated Angel of the North is to the north of England.

Nominator: Nickie Moore Photo: Matt Yarsley


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I think it's awful. It's menacing and gloomy and the only thing which would improve it - apart from taking it away - would be a willow lady on the other side of the motorway.

The Willow Man is a wonderful sculpture and Serena de la Hey a fantastic willow sculptress! Have a look at her website: www.serenadelahey.com

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry