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Wooden Roller Coasters

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Wooden Roller Coasters

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Wooden Roller Coasters

Because they are vanishing rapidly. The Cyclone at Southport's Pleasureland was the last figure-of-eight pre-war "woodie" left in the country, and is currently in the process of being chainsawed to bits - and they are so much a part of the English seaside town. There are only a handful left now and they deserve to be icons to remind us all that life should have fun in it, and that the resorts we all used to flock to and their traditional pleasures such as funfairs and pleasureparks are under threat. The wondeful Scenic Railway at Margate is now a Grade II Listed structure - the few remaining woodies at Blackpool, including the twin-track racer Grand National and the original Big Dipper - deserve national recognistion and protection too. Making wooden roller coasters an icon may make people sit up and take note of what is vanishing under their noses.

Evelyn Cook Photo: Vince Pooley


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To be honest it is really hard to actually think of what is the best icon in Britain because there are just too many! The wooden roller coaster would have never come to mind if I didn't look at the nominations, now I would say that this is definitely one of the top ICONS. It is something that people will look at and be reminded of Great Britain - a lot like the Spitfire...I live approximatly 10 miles from DreamLand in Margate and luckily I have have been on it plenty of times. Due to selfishness and greed of people in this country Dreamland has shutdown. The roller coaster I believe has an uncertain future - from what I have read there will be flats or a supermarket built round it. This is so unfortunate, people just don't seem to realise the hard work and ingenuity that would have gone into building something like this.
Robert Hopkins

The steel Roller Coasters do not give the ride you get from a Wooden Roller Coaster so we must keep the woodies going as we do not have many left.

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer