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Blackpool Tower

Ten things…

So you think you know all about Blackpool Tower? Here are ten things you might not have heard of…

Dance band 1932
The Tower ballroom band, 1932
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1. In 1949 a postbox was placed at the top, with letters and postcards being franked "Posted at the top of Blackpool Tower".

2. In September 1898 the loudspeaker was invented by Horace Short of London – and first used to broadcast records of operatic arias from the tops of the Blackpool Tower and Eiffel Tower.

3. The aquarium was modelled on the limestone caverns of Derbyshire. In February 1895 a severe frost killed all the fish and new stocks were imported from Germany.

4. Long before he became famous as a Hollywood film star, the comedian WC Fields spent a season before the first world war at the Circus as a juggler.

5. For many years, the BBC televised the popular programme Come Dancing from the Tower Ballroom.

6. Each of the large crystal chandeliers in the Ballroom can be lowered to the floor and takes more than a week to clean.
Workmen fix lights
Workmen fix electric lights to the Tower, July 1950

7. Escapologist Karl Bartoni and his fiancée tied the knot suspended in a cage from the Tower in 1982.

8. To celebrate the end of the Boer War in 1900 the building was open free of charge with a special concert.

9. When the BBC's Antiques Road Show was staged in the Tower in 1989, its experts were asked to give a valuation of the Silver Tower – but they wouldn't hazard a guess!

10. The men who maintain the steel structure are known as “Stick Men”.