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Ride the Lift

Click below to hear what the lift operator had to say.

The lift operator comments

OK, just now everybody mind their teas, this lift has not broke down all day. It was the other one! When you reach the top you will be at 380ft, now if anybody wants to go any higher we’ve got the stairs to the right will take you outside up another two levels to a maximum of 401ft. Normally you can go to a third level at 412ft but due to maintenance work it’s blocked off. There’s a lot of information up there regarding the tower, it’s history. It’s worth having a walk up and it’s a nice day. Round to the left and just round the corner you’ll find a souvenir shop. If you carry on walking to the prom side you’ll come across the walk of faith - that’s that 2in thick glass floor. The lift will be going down every five minutes from the prom side. Spend as much time as you like on Tower top, have a good look round, enjoy yourselves. It’s no smoking please on any level for obvious reasons; if you do walk on the glass floor… well, just don’t walk on the part where it’s cracked!