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A Cup of Tea

How to Make the Perfect Cup!

Edward Bramah is the founder of the Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee in London. He has more than 50 years' experience in all aspects of tea, including planting and tasting.

Use the videoplayer to watch him making the perfect cup of tea. Alternatively read the transcript below.


My name is Edward Bramah, of the Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee here in London by London Bridge, and I am delighted to tell you how we make a pot of English Tea for the English afternoon tea ceremony.

Of course, we have to heat the pot because if we don't we would lose 10 degrees temperature. And we heat the pot by just letting a little hot water to go in before it actually comes to the boil. We move the pot around just for a few seconds. You can feel the heat coming through the ceramic. We've now got a beautiful hot pot and we can just empty that away. We now put the tea - one spoonful, one, two, three, and one spoonful for the pot. We can now add the hot water. We may just gently swirl that 'round once, twice and put the lid on. And now, of course, we have to let this tea infuse for 5 minutes because that is the heart and soul and essence of English afternoon tea.

But now our tea has infused - the waiting, the five minutes is the heart and the soul and the essence of English afternoon tea. And, of course, we put milk in first, and if we pour the tea through a strainer, and, of course, we can add sugar to taste, and we can have an absolutely superb, enjoyable cup of tea.