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Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast
The "full monty" © Aline Tanner/ICONS

Whether you consider it an indulgent weekend treat, daily necessity, or the perfect hangover food, this stalwart of good old hearty British fodder with its delicious combination of savoury delectableness is guaranteed to get your taste buds going and banish even the most persistent of tummy rumblings.

What standard fare are we banging (no pun intended) on about? A good old full English breakfast, of course. Otherwise known as a “the full Monty”, a "fry-up", or an "all-day breakfast".

Some say it is fattening and unhealthy – all that fried meat, (black pudding for the brave), and fried white bread. Others say it is OK as an occasional treat, so long as you eat half a grapefruit before it, grill most of the ingredients and go for a 10-mile run afterwards. Others swear that nothing else sets you up for the day quite so well as this belly buster of a British brekkie and simply snigger in the face of a bowl of muesli as a substitute.

Whatever your personal take on this traditional breakfast dish, there’s no denying it’s an undisputed national favourite, as well as an icon of our culinary tastes and culture.

Filling, tasty, simple down to earth food, for many, the full English breakfast reigns supreme when it comes to starting off the day with a spring in your step and good hearty fare in your belly.

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