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Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival © Jon Spaull www.britainonview.com

Glastonbury Festival is the undisputed daddy, the don, the gargantuan grande dame of the festival world. Hailed as the biggest, the best and the most famous music festival in the UK, possibly the world, Glastonbury Festival has been pulling in hoards of festival-goers since 1970 and shows no sign of waning in popularity, status or size. Not bad for an initial modest gathering of 1,500 people that only cost £1 to enter (and that included free milk).

The festival’s founder Michael Eavis got the ball rolling in 1970 after being inspired by a blues festival he attended with his late wife Jean Eavis in 1969. The idea was to do something similar but on a much smaller scale; little did they know their sapling of a festival would grow into a magnificent full-blown oak of an event.

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