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The Hay Wain


Find out a little more about the life of one of England's foremost 19th-century artists, and also those water mills he was so fond of

Constable's Life Story

John Constable was born on June 11, 1776, in East Bergholt, Suffolk, in the area that would one day become known throughout the world as “Constable Country”.

Constable's Life Story
Water Mills - a History

Water Mills - a History

Although it has a romantic atmosphere, "The Hay Wain" is full of the practicalities of rural life: transporting hay by cart, fishing, the hay harvest, and water power.

Interview: Constable writer Colin Painter

Colin Painter is an artist/curator and writer who has studied how people relate to pictures in their domestic lives since the late 1970s. Among other exhibitions, Colin devised and realised "At Home With Constable's Cornfield" at the National Gallery in 1996 - a look at how people use and give meaning to a Constable image in their homes. He spoke to ICONS about John Constable's enduring popularity.

Interview: the National Gallery's Louise Govier

Louise Govier, adult learning manager at the National Gallery, discusses Constable's painting

Ten things…

Ten weird and wonderful facts that you may not have known about John Constable and "The Hay Wain".

Ten things…