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Mrs Beeton's Book Of Household Management


Read about 19th century recipes, Victorian servants and TV chefs. We also learn about a famous descendent of Mrs Beeton's, and meet her biographer, Kathryn Hughes.

Mrs Beeton's Table - Recipes of the 19th Century

The domestic world we peep into as we turn the pages of "Mrs Beeton’s Book Of Household Management" is a universe away from our own home lives. In an age when cuts of meat come ready-portioned on plastic trays, when versions of classic dishes are sold chilled for heating up in the microwave, a recipe that begins by instructing the cook, “Pluck and draw the corn-crakes…” evokes bygone days like nothing else.

Mrs Beeton's Table - Recipes of the 19th Century

A Famous Descendant: Nancy Spain

In the 1950s and early 1960s, one of Isabella Beeton’s descendants was giving her famous great-aunt a run for her money in becoming a household name.

Mrs Beeton's biographer

Biographer Kathryn Hughes is the author of "The Short Life And Long Times Of Mrs Beeton". ICONS met her to find out more…

Victorian Servants

The title of chapter 41 of Mrs Beeton's book is "Domestic Servants". The chapter gives us a glimpse into a vanished world. It was a place without labour-saving devices, such as vacuum cleaners or washing machines, where there was a constant battle against soot and grime from coal fires. Everything had to be done by hand, by the servants.

TV Chefs Through the Decades

In Mrs Beeton’s time, the only way for a home cook to learn the skills essential to running a successful kitchen was to read about them in books like hers. Cookery books are still big business, regularly appearing in the bestseller lists. The difference now is that they are an offshoot of television’s celebrity culture, and our interest in the recipes they contain is first aroused by seeing the dishes cooked and talked about on TV.

TV Chefs Through the Decades
Ten Things…

Ten Things…

Mrs Beeton fans beware… here we've rooted out ten facts to test your expert knowledge.