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Mrs Beeton's Book Of Household Management


Find out more about the issues we have covered by following these links.

The Cookery Book as Source Material

How Mrs Beeton’s books meant more than just culinary inspiration.

The link address is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/trail/victorian_britain/women_home/cookery_book_01.shtml

Womanhood in Victorian Britain

The rise of Victorian feminism.

The link address is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/trail/victorian_britain/women_home/ideals_womanhood_01.shtml

Books for Cooks

Part of the British Library’s Texts in Context, where cookery books from the medieval period to the 1900s are looked at in detail.

The link address is: http://www.bl.uk/learning/langlit/booksforcooks/booksforcooks.html

Victorian Picnic

Picnic recipes from Victorian cookbooks as well as Mrs Beeton’s advice on what to take along from her "Book Of Household Management" from 1861.

The link address is: http://www.judgeslodging.org.uk/education/Pages/victorian_picnic.html