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Narrowboats on Canals


Learn more about narrowboats on canals with this suggested booklist.

Narrowboat Planning: Designing The Interior Of Your Boat

The compact interiors of canal boats require careful planning to make the best use of the small space available. This book guides readers through all the factors that need to be considered to enable them to design a layout that best meets their accommodation needs.

Author: Graham Booth

ISBN: 1870002946

Waterways Past And Present

This is a unique photographic record of Britain's magnificent and varied waterways heritage. Through the superb photography of Derek Pratt, this book looks at 40 transitional years when Britain's inland waterways changed from being a thriving commercial transport system to the varied and beautiful pleasure cruising network it is today.

Author: Derek Pratt

ISBN: 0713676345

The Water Road: An Odyssey By Narrowboat Through England's Waterways

The Water Road is the story of a four-month circumnavigation by narrowboat of The Grand Cross, the name given to the inland waterway linking the Thames to the Humber, Severn and Mersey. Starting in London, Gogarty follows a figure of eight through Britain's major cities and across the Pennines.

Author: Paul Gogarty

ISBN: 1861056559

Narrow Boat

First published in 1944, this book has been said by many to have started a revival of interest in the English waterways. It was on a spring day in 1939 that LTC Rolt first stepped aboard Cressy. This is the story of how he and his wife adapted and fitted out the boat as a home and recreates the journey of some 400 miles that they made along the network of waterways in the Midlands.

Author: Charles Hadfield

ISBN: 0750908068

Canal Narrowboats And Barges

Although the days when inland waterways were used primarily for trade have passed, there remains afloat today a great variety of boats that once carried cargoes. This book is mainly an introduction to narrowboats but it also covers wider canal craft and will act as a guide to those who want to search out the heritage of the working canals.

Author: Tony Condor

ISBN: 0747805873

Midlands Canals: History Of The Canal Carriers

Robert Davies has compiled interviews with boat people and the people who worked the inland waterways during the final decades of commercial canal carrying, capturing the flavour of this era.

Author: Robert Davies

ISBN: 0752439103