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Narrowboats on Canals

Comment on Narrowboats on Canals

the canals and narrowboats revolutionized bulk transporation, especially of coal, making possible the Industrial Revolution. they were also an early part of the golden age of English civil engineering.

Comment on Narrowboats on Canals posted 2007-03-30 by Maggie Rioux from MBLWHOI Library, Woods Hole MA, USA

Comment on Narrowboats on Canals

It was only when I read this Icon piece that I realised whan an effect the Canal had on my early life. I lived in Monton, went on the bus along by the canal to school in Bolton every day, attended and was confirmed at St. Mark's Worsley (above the Duke's coal mines), spent Sunday afternoons on the bridge by Worsley Courthouse and took many a bike ride along the canal banks from Monton to Barton or Worsley. I never fell in, or I wouldn't be here now. Too thick to drink, too thin to plough. And all that time I took it for granted. I vaguely knew of its history but now I know a little more about it. Certainly an icon for me.

Comment on Narrowboats on Canals posted 2007-01-30 by Yonze from Victoria BC Canada

Comment on Narrowboats on Canals

With 3000 miles of canals and locked rivers in England the canals, although little known it seems, are a huge, beautiful and much used part of the countryside. I build my own Narrow boat over there and spent five years cruising every summer.

Comment on Narrowboats on Canals posted 2006-12-15 by Denham Meek from Victoria BC Canada