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Oak Tree


Some further reading...

Oak: The Frame Of Civilization

The author narrates the biography of the tree that since time immemorial has been a symbol of loyalty and strength, generosity and renewal.

Author: William Bryant Logan

ISBN: 0393047733

Oak: A British History

This book tells the story of man's use of this wonderful natural resource, and argues that oak still has a rich future, both as a material and as a key element in an ecologically rich countryside.

Author: Esmond Harris

ISBN: 0953863085

The Oak

Describes the physical features of an oak tree, how it reproduces and where it grows.

Author: Kitty Benedict

ISBN: 1568460406

In A Nutshell

An acorn grows into a mighty oak, helps sustain other life, and eventually dies and continues to give life to others.

Author: Joseph Anthony

ISBN: 1883220998

Oak-framed Buildings

This is a practical book on the technique of timber-frame construction for carpenters, builders and aspiring self-builders, but it will also be a source of inspiration to anyone who appreciates beautiful buildings.

Author: Rupert Newman

ISBN: 1861083793