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Sherlock Holmes

The Basics

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous creation, the private detective Sherlock Holmes, is one of those literary figures who have become known throughout the world. To many, he is the archetypal English character – calm, rational, a little arrogant, and capable of seeing through whatever fog of deception arises before him.

Sherlock Holmes (silhouette white)
Holmes made his debut in an adventure entitled A Study In Scarlet, published in a Christmas annual of 1887. He then went on to feature in 60 tales – 56 short stories and four full-length novels – alongside his trustworthy, if occasionally perplexed, sidekick Dr John Watson. Interpreted countless times on both the big and small screens, he set new standards in the application of lateral thinking.

It isn't just his powers of deduction that amaze Watson and the reader. He is a gifted violinist, as well as an unrepentant intravenous drug-user, these activities supposedly helping him to penetrate the layers of mystery surrounding all sorts of knotty problems, from the business of the Five Orange Pips to the Adventure Of The Sussex Vampire.