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St George's Flag


We all recognise St George's cross as the symbol of England. But do you know how long it has been in use, or what it means? Find out here

St George's Flag: the Basics

The national flag of England has the overriding virtue of utter simplicity – especially when compared to the Union flag. On the white background of spiritual purity is inscribed the blood-red martyr’s cross of St George. This makes it a pleasingly straightforward design to paint on your face when supporting English sports teams!.

St George's Flag: the Basics
The History of the Flag

The History of the Flag

St George has been the official patron saint of England since the reign of Edward III in the 14th century. However, we know that his banner – the martyr’s red cross on the white ground of purity – was being carried into battle by English forces a long time before that.

Why St George?

All we know of St George is that he was a Christian soldier in the Roman army, martyred in Palestine or Nicomedia (in what is now Turkey) in the early fourth century. So how did this obscure figure end up as our patron saint?