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Stiff Upper Lip

Comment on Stiff Upper Lip

As an American of (mostly) English descent, this is one of the things I love most about the English. Actually, it's a trait that - though to a lesser, more imperfect degree - is associated with Americans of my heritage, the so-called "WASPS". Believe me, we Americans, mostly unabashedly really admire you Brits, as evidenced were you to come here by our fawning all over you at the first detection of your accent. Don't ever change!

Comment on Stiff Upper Lip posted 2008-04-10 by Katherine from Portland, ME, USA

Comment on Stiff Upper Lip

Public displays of raw emotion, whether pertaining to an individual, or a crowd, are seldom gratifying. We only have to look elsewhere in the world to confirm our natural antipathy to 'letting it all hang loose' - it just isn't British! We must reaffirm our inherent dislike of hysteria and other embarrassing public demonstrations of 'self' ... besides, nothing is ever gained by it, so why do it? After all, we have supposedly advanced beyond gibbering simians.....

Comment on Stiff Upper Lip posted 2008-04-01 by Johnathan Oswin from Northumberland.

Comment on Stiff Upper Lip

It is often said that the English are reserved. Most overseas people I converse with make reference to our reserve.

Comment on Stiff Upper Lip posted 2007-02-16 by Stuart Gill from London