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The Lake District


The development of tourism in the area, including early pioneers and Lakeland painters.

The Basics

The Lake District may be one of England's best-loved and most visited regions, both among the natives and our overseas visitors, but it was not always so. Early travellers from outside the area (mostly London) found it a barren and inhospitable place, the kind of landscape in which you might easily be set upon by brigands, or where your horse might lose its footing on a mountain pass and send you to an early doom.

The Basics
The Development of Tourism

The Development of Tourism

Tourists come from all over the world to visit this Cumbrian National Park. Its tranquil lakes, towering fells and springtime daffodils are as iconic a landscape as England has to offer. It is steeped in literary and artistic associations. You can trace the life of William Wordsworth from his birthplace, via his schoolroom, to the house in which he died. But, believe it or not, the region wasn’t always viewed in such a rosy light.