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The Pint


From keg to CAMRA, find out about the history of the pint of real ale.

The Basics

We may still have our milk delivered in pints, but for most of us, the pint is first and foremost a big glass filled with beer served to us by a familiar face down the local. We have been drinking a fermented barley brew of one sort or another since Roman times, and we don't look likely to stop at all soon.

The Basics
A History

A History

Beer is the national drink of England, and it comes in pints. Not only will it forever do so, despite the gradual shift to metric units of measurement, but eventually it is all that will come in pints. Milk has gone metric in the shops. You might still be able to buy a pint of prawns at the seaside, but if somebody asks whether you’d like to go for a pint, you can be safely sure they aren’t talking about seafood.