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Chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala
Manju Mahli's chicken tikka masala © William Lingwood/Duncan Baird Publishers

About half a million curries are eaten in the UK EVERY day – that’s a lot of curries! And taking pride of place on the menu? Step forward chicken tikka masala (or CTM as it is known in the trade).

Chicken tikka masala is the dish most often ordered in Indian take-aways and restaurants. Marks & Spencer sells more than 18 tonnes of it as a sandwich filler every week whilst Sainsbury's sell 1.6 million CTM meals every year and stock 16 CTM-related products including chicken tikka masala pasta sauce.

Other derivations include CTM crisps, pizzas and kievs. It’s probably fair to say that chicken tikka masala pasta bake, is an acquired taste, but in its curry form chicken tikka masala is unquestionably a gastronomic delight that’s been tantalising taste buds across the country long enough to rightly earn its reputation as a national culinary institution and undisputed favourite.

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