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Chicken tikka masala


Why not get yourself into the kitchen and try rustling up a tasty chicken tikka masala of your own? Manju Malhi's recipe is bound to inspire. And we speak to the talented chef herself about her self-styled Brit-Indi cooking and why mums always know best...

Manju Malhi’s Chicken Tikka Masala

“Chicken tikka masala is a great way to introduce a first time ‘curry eater’ to Indian food as the strong flavours of the warming spices compliment the creaminess of the sauce. You may have seen the remarkable Heston Blumenthal recently on BBC2’s ‘In Search of Perfection’ series making his version of this infamous dish. Well, leaving molecular gastronomy aside, this is the way I make it so I hope it passes your taste test. Enjoy!” Manju Malhi

ICONS meets Manju Malhi

Manju Malhi is the UK’s leading spice pundit and expert on Anglo-Indian home cooking. She’s the author of the bestselling Brit Spice, India with Passion and Easy Indian Cookbook. We chat to her about chicken tikka masala and the hidden delights of spam...